Alba Iulia

27th May 2015
  1. Alba Iulia City Race (March)

The main goal of Alba Iulia City Race is to attract more tourists to the city at the beginning of each year, in March.

  1. Apulum Roman Festival

Detailed reenactments of gladiator fights, Dacian – Roman wars, ancient rituals, Thracian games, nymph dances as well as medieval dances. During the Apulum Roman Festival visitors can take part of antique themed workshops for archery, blacksmithing, gastronomy, leather working, bone carving or sword skills.

  1. National Day (December)

The most notable event that took place in Alba Iulia was undoubtedly the Great Union of all the Romanian provinces on 1st of December 1918, resulting in the state of Romania. Every year on December 1st there are interesting events in which tourist can take part: laying funeral wreaths on different objectives or observing the change of guards.


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