Eleventh Days of Diocletian in Split

28th August 2015

Two-days conference “Diocletian and Tourist Valorization of Roman Heritage” takes place in Split City Museum as a part of 11. Days of Diocletian (2005-2015) on August 28 – 29th 2015.

Today’s theme was Diocletian’s Influence and Legacy in Dalmatia and the Danube Region and the program started with Mr Danko Cosic’s, who’s DCC Project Manager, introduction to the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route. Afterwards, Professor Michael Werner from The University at Albany spoke about “The Influence of the Palace in Split in the formation of the Imperial Palaces in Sirmium (Diocletian and Constantine), Thessaloniki (Galerius) and the imperial retirement complex in Romuliana (Galerius).”

The theme for Saturday is “Tourist valorization of Roman heritage” and the program will start with facilitator Lino Ursic’s introduction followed by a lectures from Miomir Korac from Archeological Institut SANU in Belgrade, Serbia, then Ivan Radman from Archaeological Museum of Zagreb and Professor Josko Belamaric from Institute for the History of Art, Zagreb.



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