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Locality: Gradsko

Roman Historical Site: Stobi

Relevance to the Roman Emperors Route: 3rd to 6th centuries A.D.

Stobi in both ancient and modern times is the richest archaeological site in North Macedonia. Its beginnings are rooted in the Macedonian kingdom of Philip V, early 2nd century BC, but Stobi owes the high point of its prosperity in the Roman Empire to its critical location at the crossroads of two regional highways:  The first was a diagonal highway which led north from the Via Egnatia at Heraclea Lyncestis through Stobi to connect with the transbalkan Via Militaris at Serdica (modern Sofia).  The second regional arterial passed through Stobi along the Vardar/Axios-Morava River corridor to link Thessaloniki with Naissus (modern Niš) in Roman Moesia Superior.  The Roman remains include a theatre which has been almost completely excavated and a library, a synagogue and an episcopal basilica which testify to the diverse nature of the town’s population.  Stobi has already gained municipal status during the early Empire, and, after a period of desolation by Germanic invaders in the 3rd century, the city was rebuilt with a new episcopal basilica and baptistry with exceptional mosaic pavements.  The Emperor Theodosius I visited this 4th century Christian center and stayed at least 3 days, June 14-16, 388 AD.  This we know from 2 laws he issued from there concerning religious matters.  This is a typical example of the Roman emperors’ direct intervention in church affairs after the Emperor Constantine’s legalization of Christianity.

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Visitor center at the site

Tourist attractions


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Restaurant, cafe or bar

Café working in summer season

Souvenir shop/Craft shop

Souvenir shop available on the locality and online

Interpretation at the site



Interpretative signs and guidelines exist on the site, as well as the mobile app on domestic and English language (recommended for individuals or couples).


Virtual tour on the web site: http://www.xtura360.ca/Stobi/tour.html


Virtual museum: http://www.stobi.mk/Templates/Pages/Museum.aspx?page=3622

About destination

Gradsko – Stobi is a natural crossroads, located next to the E75 superhighway (heading south to Greece and the Egnatia Odos and then Albania or heading north to Skopje and Serbia).The site is accessible by road, by public bus and train (terminals in Negotino, 15 km away). It is also possible to use the services of the Skopje international airport (1 hr, 81 km away on the E75 superhighway). Taxi services are available at a reasonable price. Gradsko can also be accessed easily from Thessaloniki, which is 1 hr 42 min away (155 km).


Accommodation can be found in the other places in the area, Negotino, Veles, Tikveš. However, Stobi can also be reached easily from the capitol of North Macedonia, Skopje, about one hour away and also Bitola from where visitors can come following the route, about 1 hr 28 min away (96.3 km). Other tourist services are available in these nearby places as well, keeping in mind that the tourist demand in Gradsko itself is limited. There is a professional guide service included in ticket price, but individuals or smaller groups can use an audio guide via a mobile phone application. An info point at the souvenir shop is also available on the site, as well as a parking area. A camper stop area is part of the long term plans for the management of the site. The old museum on the site was closed in 2009, and there is a long term plan to open a new one. The concept is for an architectural complex with a museum building for excavated artifacts display, a coffee bar, a souvenir shop and a visitors center.


Different kind of events are going to be held at the site in this and following years (wine tasting, music concerts).


Gradsko is in the middle of wine area, and there are plenty of famous wineries around the archeological site which belong to two important wine regions, Tikveš and Negotino.

Tourist info


Email: contact@stobi.mk; visitus@stobi.mk

Address: Archaeological Site Stobi, Gradsko, 1420

Tel. +389 43 251 026

How to reach Gradsko

Skopje international airport (http://skp.airports.com.mk/default.aspx?ItemID=345); Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle airport (http://ohd.airports.com.mk/default.aspx?ItemID=345#)

From Skopje: There is a local train that stops at Stobi (Distance 80 km); From Thessaloniki: The train stops at Negotino – 13 km south from Stobi and in Gradsko – 5 km north of Stobi (Distance: 150 km); From Sofia: The bus stops at Skopje from where Stobi is reachable by bus or train (Distance: 254 km);
From Tirana: You can reach Stobi by train from any Macedonian bigger town along the road (Distance: 310 km); From Belgrade: The train stops at Negotino – 13 km south from Stobi and in Gradsko – 5 km north of Stobi (Distance: 480 km)

How to reach Stobi (directions and location): http://www.stobi.mk/Templates/Pages/Directions.aspx?page=206