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8th November 2016

Marvelous ancient Roman heritage and an abundance of outstanding wines in 20 regions are the main subjects and reasons to visit Roman Emperors Route and Danube Wine Route. But there is certainly much more to experience: Nature, culture and sport activities attract tourist to relax on and along Europe`s most impressive river.

Aside admiring antique Roman arts & architecture in fascinating places along RER and DWR, there are certainly more ways to experience Danube and its cultural and natural landscapes. First of all, Danube itself attracts with fascinating boat rides and cruise ship excursions, allowing visitors on the route to experience its treasures along the banks, from the river itself. And certainly, those who do not want to stay all time on board have the opportunity to go for one or more bicycle excursions. One may also discover stretches of Danube along RER and DWR during a kayak or canoe tour. These offers can be booked in the Romanian Danube Delta, when visiting the gate to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, at the city of Tulcea. But there are also kayak/canoe offers in bigger cities like Belgrade. Most spectacular is as well to experience certain stretches of the route by bike. Arriving in Croatian village of Ilok, right on the bank of the Danube, it is very easy to follow the well sing-posted Danube Bike Path (EuroVelo 6) up to its Bulgarian and Romanian highlights and into Danube Delta. Further bike paths have been established to discover also the hinterland along the route.

Exciting or relaxing: From bird watching to wellness & spa

While tourists interested into cultural localities may become enthusiastic to explore the heritage along the route, others will become ecstatic when approaching nature. Bird-watchers find their El Dorado all the way along Lower Danube, weather in the nature parks of Serbia, Bulgaria, or Romania. Look for endemic birds and see the most fascinating places of bird migration in Danube Delta. Also, thousands of pelicans and cormorants will conquer your full attention – a life time experience. And, be also surprised. There are even urban bird-watching tours. More than 110 species of fish are counted as well, and local tour operators are best prepared to hand out all the necessary equipment and licenses needed to take fishing tours.

Certainly, a series of nature parks allow discover the area on foot. Just focus of Serbian Đerdap National Park and its Romanian counterpart along Iron Gates of Danube!

Those who do not want to miss their sporting activities even during the holidays, they don’t need to worry, since major hotels and sport complexes on the Danube offer tennis, badminton, swimming, or even golf. Relax by training on a small golf course in a most noble atmosphere, surrounded by amazing vineyards near Ilok. Further, water sports, including individual yachting are available on the Danube, but also at the starting and end points of the route – in Pula and Brijuni on the shores of Adriatic Sea or on floating hotels in Danube Delta and along the beaches of Black Sea. Just go for a swim, try diving, or relax on one of the Danube beaches. Those who want to focus on health and wellness should not hesitate to book one of the Danube spas, some with a centuries long or, in the case of Romanian Băile Herculane, even ancient Roman history.

In the end, relaxation along the route means as well the vicinity of an outstanding glass of wines, abundance of healing natural mineral waters, and an unbelievable treasure of outstanding dishes, which will make your active ride on the Roman Emperors Route and Danube Wine route unforgettable.

Jurgen Sorges

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