“Wines from the Danube Region” label development

31st July 2015

Viticulture in the Danube Region is over two thousand years old. The wines produced in the region were among the best in Europe in the 19th century. Vineyards accompany visitors all along the way on the Danube Wine Route and wine tastings are offered in perfectly restored and modernized wineries. Many of them boast hundreds of years of grape growing tradition.

The Danube region is a grape-growing area with unique geographic and cultural features that influence a wine’s taste and quality.

Wines from the Danube Region can be an appellation of origin and quality standards for the wines produced here.  Also wineries, restaurants, hotels, etc. can be labelled in the further steps. Certified wines/bodies/ must meet specific standards with respect to origin, vintage and varietals. To put it simply, when you see the Wines from Danube Region logo on a bottle, it is your guarantee that you’re sipping a wine that is 100% from this area and fits its criteria.

Representatives from wineries and wine associations from Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania came together to discuss the development of the “Wines from the Danube Region” label to increase visibility and recognition of the wines from the Route network.

The following criteria have been elaborated by Stanimir Stoyanov, Chairman of Union of Oenologists Bulgaria and presented during the workshop in Comana:

Suggestion of 5 Major criteria’s:

  1. Origin! Wines which meet the PDO and PGI criteria regard the EU regulation
  1. Made from local or typical for the sub region grape varieties or blend with them.
  1. Produced by traditional or specific and traditional technology typical for the region
  1. Wines produced in a wineries with touristic potential included in the Danube wine roads.
  1. Route partner and Danube wine relationship

The criteria’s will be further discussed among Route stakeholders. After the initial presentation the Route management is waiting for comments and feedback to further create the implementation process of the Wines from the Danube region Label.

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