Explore the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route

Visitors will easily discover the great value of the sites along the most exciting and second longest European river. You can try the overwhelmingly beautiful long-distance experience of crossing the entire area from the Adriatic Sea to the Danube Delta (the Black Sea), or you can spend your holidays discovering only parts of the Route – it’s up to you.


Whether you’re hiking, driving, cycling, travelling by boat or train, or combining the lot, the cross-border journey along the ancient Roman Danube Limes will reveal the outstanding natural beauty of the river Danube and hidden historic and archaeological treasures, still mostly unknown – some of the archaeological sites have been discovered, excavated and scientifically researched only recently, during the last several decades. You will be amazed by the abundance and quality of evidence of ancient Roman presence in this part of Europe.


Viticulture here is over two thousand years old. The wines produced in the region were among the best in Europe in the 19th century. Vineyards will keep beckoning you to come and taste local dishes and wines along the way. Definitely taste the big brands but never forget the small, family-run wine cellars – they are an experience in itself! Local and regional food and wine will convince even the most sceptical gourmets and wine enthusiasts.


If you are still not convinced, consider the unbeatable hospitality and friendliness of the people living along the Danube. So, pack up, come and enjoy our Route and take home unforgettable memories.



Between Budapest and Sofia – Cultural heritage, unspoiled nature and gastronomy in 4 countries along the Danube