Ilok’s Srijem vineyards are traditionally linked with the Serbian Fruška Gora region and are a paradise for white wine aficionados. Wine growing in Ilok dates back to the Roman emperor Probus (3rd century AD). In 1699, Emperor Leopold I gave Ilok and the lands in Srijem to Livio Odescalchi, an Italian nobleman. His family lived here until 1945, inventing new wine-making technologies through the decades.

Ilok is the easternmost town of the Republic of Croatia and a place where the East meets the West. It rises elegantly above the Danube, surrounded by the slopes and magnificent vineyards of Fruška Gora. It is a town of long history with interesting cultural contrasts woven into its medieval town, one of the largest urban and fortification complexes of northern Croatia and the Danube basin. However, Ilok is, above all, the Danube kingdom of wine known for its Traminac and other varieties which have been pleasing its visitors for a long time. Today, Ilok is experiencing a revival after years of war and exile and stands ready to welcome its visitors with an open heart.

About Destination

The medieval town of Ilok is a culturally and historically landmarked complex preserved by the national government. This small space makes it possible to travel back to the past and stroll through the centuries. The Odescalchi Castle is the central building situated in the medieval town of Ilok, housing the famous old Ilok cellars and the Museum of the Town of Ilok.

Living by the Danube is a privilege, as the wide waters of the eternal Danube offer the luxury of nature, a ride in a čikla (a kind of boat) and a ferry, a wealth of freshwater fish and many other things that can only be experienced when you stand on its banks.

A particular feature of the river banks along Ilok is the Dunavac, a permanent backwater running between the Danube and the old town on the hill, which gives additional charm to the landscape and beckons us to keep fit, practice sports and enjoy nature.



It takes around 3h to arrive from Zagreb to Ilok by car, while closer bigger city is Belgrade. It needs 1h 40 min (120 km) via A3 highway.

Ilok is located on the EuroVelo 6 international cycling route.


Stari podrum (Old Cellar), Šetalište o. M. Barbarića 4, 32236 Ilok, Tel. +385 32 590 088