The Vršac vineyards are on the slopes of and at the foot of the Vršac Mountains. The soil structure – clay, sandy soil and quartz – is perfect for grape growing and the moderate continental climate is another positive factor. The grapes that are harvested late often come with 35 % sugar content. The Vršac vineyards were first mentioned in 1494, when a barrel of Vršac wine was bought for 10.5 gold forints by order of the Hungarian King Ladislaus.

Vršac is a city of rich culture and history and with picturesque natural beauty, a city where traditional and contemporary trends of life overlap. The city itself is located on the edge of the Pannonian Plain in south-eastern Banat, at the foot of the Vršac Mountains and along the border with Romania. Vršac is one of the oldest Banat cities, known for its specific climate and clean air, as a result of the winds that blow for more than 200 days of the year, constantly purifying the city air.

About Destination

Some of the most important sights of Vrsac include Vrsac Tower – the city’s symbol, the Mesić Monastery, a cathedral dedicated to St. Gerhard, Vladičanski Dvor (Bishopric), the Old Pharmacy, Sterija House, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and six museums. Vršac is the home city to many prominent people, most notably Jovan Sterija Popović, a famous Serbian dramatist, Paja Jovanović, a painter of Serbian realism, Bishop Josif Jovanović Sakabenta, the famous poet Vasko Popa, the chess master Bora Kostić, the national her Žarko Zrenjanin and many others. The Mesic Monastery, 10 km from Vršac, is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and is one of the most important monasteries in south-east Banat



The city is well connected with Belgrade and Temisoara by train. There are two trains per day coming from Temisoara, and departure of the train to Belgrade is scheduled for 30 min. after the train from Temisoara arrives.

Regular bus services connect with Belgrade and Timisoara

The city is located practically half way between Belgrade and Temisoara. It takes less than two hours by car from Belgrade, and an hour and half from Temisoara.


Kristov Wine Cellar, Veliko Središte, 26300 Vršac, Tel. +381 64 0889655

Nedin Wine Cellar, Gortanova 22, Gudurica, 26300 Vršac, Tel. +381 13 881118

Selecta Wine Cellar Stojšič, Otona Župančiča 26, Gudurica, 26300 Vršac, Tel. +381 13 881067

Vinik Winery, Novosadska 1, 26300 Vršac, Tel. +381 13 836721 (

Vršački Vinogradi, Svetosavski trg 1, 26300 Vršac, Tel. +381 13 838025 (