According to wine experts, Dobrugea has the best conditions for wine growing in Romania. Its continental climate with warm, dry summers, moderate winters, early springs and late autumns allow for long vegetation periods. Good soil structure and fertility, plenty of sun and low precipitation also make a difference. Outstanding rich-flavoured noble red and excellent white wines with natural sweetness are typical of this region.

The Dobrogea region is home to the Danube Delta, a 2,200 sq.mi. wildlife reserve designated by UNESCO as a “Reservation of the Biosphere”, the ancient port city of Constanta, and the seaside resorts stretching along Romania’s 152 mile Black Sea coast. From the port city of Tulcea, day cruises through the Delta’s waterways give travellers a glimpse of the abundant wildlife and the traditional fishing villages. Floating reed islands, dunes and waterways offer shelter to over 300 species of birds, countless fish and 1,150 species of plants. South of the Delta, the historical city of Constanta serves as a major port on the Black Sea. Constanta is a city that combines millennial history with modernism. It is a city that celebrates multi-culturalism, a town where East meets and blends with the West to generate a spectacular and lively spirit.

About Destination

Tourists can discover the Museum of Art, the Folk Art Museum, the National Museum of History and Archaeology, the National Military Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Dolphinarium, and the Romanian Navy Museum in Constanta. In addition, other places of interest include the Folk Art and Ethnographic Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, the Natural History Museum & Aquarium and the Museum of the Danube Delta in Tulcea.



The closest airports are Constanta (49 km) and Bucharest (290 km).

The train stations are situated in Constanta (49 km), Cogealac and Mihai Viteazu (the line Bucharest Tulcea).

There are regular buses coming from Constanta and Tulcea.


The harbours which offer basic facilities are in Constanta (49 km) and Tulcea (87 km).

National road Constanţa – Tulcea, 54 km away from Constanţa.

There are no cycling paths but the traffic is fine on the secondary roads.


Podgoria/Crama Murfatlar, Strada Murfatlar 1, 905100 Murfatlar/Basarabi, 25 km from Constanta, Tel. +40 241 706850 (

Domenille Clos de Colombes, Strada Olimp, Comuna 23 August, 905550 Neptun, 99 km from Constanta, Tel. +40 374 033033 (

Alcovin Curtea Regala Winery, Strada Viticultori 2, 825300 Măcin, 75 km from Tulcea, Tel. +40 240 573368 (