Negotinska Krajina, a valley surrounded by two mountains and two rivers, enjoys a specific microclimate with hot, sunny summers and cold winters. Pimnice, a collection of 150 wine cellars, 15 of which are still in use, and candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List, was built around 1861 and stores grapes harvested in the nearby vineyards. Discover this unique time capsule, which once sold the best wines to France for gold coins.


Negotin is located in the lowlands, surrounded by Timok and the Danube and the Vidrovac, Badnjevo and Bratujevac hills. Its location benefits from a specific climate with hot summers and sharp winters. Since it sits on a three border, its history has always been turbulent, and many cultural monuments are evident today. A lot of legends were created here, many heroes walked this road, and much history is to be found here, with many great names of Serbian and world history having left their mark.

About Destination

We recommend you to see paths of Deli Jovan and Stol, visit the natural stone bridges in Vratna, Lazar’s Cave and the Gates of Vratna. Also worth visiting are Stevan Mokranjac’s House, the Museum of Hajduk Veljko, the Krajina Museum and the Bukovo Monastery, which is located 3 km west of Negotin and is surrounded by forest.

The wines of Negotinska Krajina used to be popular throughout Europe, Russia and Austria-Hungary and even had a specific association for trading the wines of Negotin. As early as the 17th century, the wine-growers of this region began to build their pimnica breweries where they preserved their wine in the stone villages. The beautiful locations of the wine settlements of Rajac, Rogalj, Smedovac, Štubik and Bratujevac have been preserved for visitors to enjoy today.



The main and largest airport is located in Belgrade (237 km) ( and the closest is in Niš (150 km) (

You can reach Negotin by bus from Belgrade, while the city is also well connected with the other cities in Eastern Serbia. Many local transport service providers operate on local level, connecting Negotin with neighbouring cities on the Bulgarian side of the border.

The city is accessible from several different directions by car. It takes around 3h and 30 min via Danube highway, or slightly more via A1 highway, passing through Smederevo and Paraćin.

Negotin is also located on the EuroVelo 6 international cycling route, so it is easily accessible by bicycle.


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