Located in the Eastern Serbia, the city of Zaječar will catch your eye with its astounding architecture and rich cultural heritage. A remarkable collection of architectural decorations, mosaics and sculptures of the Roman Imperial Palace Felix Romuliana are stored in the National museum, while this impressive UNESCO SITE is located only 10 km from the town. Lovers of wine, architecture and nature, shouldn’t miss the Rajačke and Rogljevac pimnice, authentic and mysterious complex of wine cellars located about 50 km from Zaječar.

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The town of Zaječar lies on the river Veliki Timok, in the central part of the Timočka Krajina in the Region of Eastern Serbia.

Starting from the Zaječar Main square, one of the buildings that will right away catch your eye is the public building of the Basic Court, important cultural heritage of civil architecture. In the vicinity is the National Museum that treasures 15,000 items in its collection, including the architectural decorations, mosaics and sculptures of the Imperial Palace of Felix Romuliana, UNESCO SITE located just 10 km from Zaječar.

Close to the Museum is the Radul-beg’s residence, one of the oldest buildings in town. Here, you can see how the Orient influenced the development of interior design of Serbian houses.

The town’s largest church is dedicated to the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God.

On the southern part of the town is the park-forest “Kraljevica”. The park offers great conditions for various sports. Take a refreshing walk on the ”Sunny path”, or ski on nearby track.

Lovers of wine, architecture and nature, should definitely visit the Rajačke and Rogljevac pimnice, authentic and mysterious complex of wine cellars located about 50 km from Zajcar.

Where to sleep and eat

The restaurant ”Two Brothers”

The restaurant ”Two Brothers” has a tradition of 25 years. Apart from the name and well-known for its traditional dishes, the restaurant tries to keep the spirit of old Zaječar through the warm ambience and traditional music. Bread, meat and vegetable dishes are prepared in an oven, while you should definetely try local cheese and traditional grill specialites. For organizing parties, small gatherings or business meetings, there is a hall with about 60 seats and a banquet hall with 8 seats, while in the summer months about 70 seats are available on the terrace.

The Raj Winery

The Raj Winery is located in the village of Rajac, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Eastern Serbia. This region has more than 260 sunny days througout the year and combined with excellent altitude, it offers the best conditions for grape growing in whole Europe. In wineyards that belong to the winery, special attention is paid to the varieties that traditionally thrive in this area – Game, as well as the rare Black Incense. The visit to the winery includes a tour of the production unit and a wine tasting. On request, it is possible to visit the vineyards in groups of up to 4 people. The winery Raj is close to Rajačke pimnice, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Serbia, architectural complex of wine cellars, created in mid XVIII century. If you are a wine lover, this is the perfect place for you.

Vila Tamaris 4*

Located in the heart of Zaječar, close to all important locations, Villa Tamaris guarantees a pleasant and comfortable stay. The villa consists of eight double and five rooms with double bed with standard equipment. On the hotel ground floor you may enjoy in a garden restaurant, while polite, friendly staff and pleasant hotel atmosphere will make your stay in Vila Tamaris unforgettable.

Villa Vienna

If you love peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the Villa Viena is the right choice. This complex has 8 two-bed and 2 four-bed rooms, as well as restaurants with a capacity of 100 and 200 seats, ideal for celebrations and business events. Besides regular overnight with breakfast offer, the villa has the a la carte menu with national and international cuisine and is widely known for its specialty – Vienna Shnitzel.


The nearest airports are in Niš (105 km), Sofia (BG) (104 km), and Belgrade (243 km).

From Belgrade and Niš to Zaječar Central Bus Station, address: Moravska bb

In terms of traffic, the position of the site is very good. Two important international roads pass through Zaječar, only 11 km from Felix Romuliana: Corridor X, Paraćin–Zaječar–Vidin (Bulgaria); Niš–Zaječar–Negotin–Kladovo–Romania


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