Felix Romuliana

Romuliana is а fortified Late Antique Royal Palace and memorial complex, the endowment of Emperor Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximianus (293 – 311 AD). It stands in the fairytale landscape, in Eastern Serbia, in the Timok Valley, near the present village of Gamzigrad, 11 kilometres northwest from Zaječar . Mystery of Galerius’s grandiose FELIX ROMULIANA was finally demystified in 1984, when a fragment of archivolt with the engraved inscription FELIX ROMULIANA was discovered. Since 2007 Romuliana is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the unique and the best preserved testimony of the Roman construction tradition pervaded by the ideological program of the Second Tetrachy and Galerius himself as their builder.

Archeological Site Felix Romuliana

Attraction is opened all year round (November – March only announced group visits). The entrance fee is paid through ticket price: adults 3 €, school children 3€, joint ticket for Site and the Museum 4€.


Parking, souvenir shop, public toilets. Billboards, signs, guided tours, audio guides, printed guides, printed brochures, 3D and holographic presentation, theatrical performances, roles plays, concerts.

Opening hours: Opening hours: daily Apr. – Oct. 8.00 – 20.00, Nov. – Mar. 8.00 – 16.00

Info and reservations : tel. +381 19 422 930 , e-mail: secretar@muzejzajecar.org

How to get there:

  • By plane (Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla)
  • By bus (Zaječar Central Bus Station, phone: +381 19 435 035

Key characteristics of the attraction:

  • Dates back to end of III and beginning of IV century AD
  • Emperor palace
  • The most preserved archeological mosaics – the best
  • Example of Europe’s art
  • The sacral objects on Magura
  • UNESCO Heritage List

According to a legend, Gamzigrad got its name because of numerous snakes that were found in Felix Romuliana (gamizati – slither, grad – town)

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