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Locality: Fier

Roman Historical Site: Apollonia

Relevance to the Roman Emperors Route: 1st to 4th centuries A.D.

Originating in a Greek colony from the 6th century BC, the well preserved remains of Greek urbanism were adapted to Roman use as the city continued to prosper under the Roman Empire. Like Doclea, Apollonia with its probably mixed Greek and Illyrian population was incorporated into the Roman Empire with a grant of municipal status. The grant was made by the Emperor Augustus, who had studied philosophy there before he became emperor.  Historically the port of Apollonia was used as one of the landing points for Roman armies crossing the Adriatic Sea from Italy and moving east along the Via Egnatia.

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Lot of interpretative signs and guidelines exist on the site (the biggest problem is that most of them are on domestic language), as well as the mobile app on English language.

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About destination

Fier is 1 hr 29 min away from Durres (79.9 km) and is a logical next destination on the Illyricum Track after Doclea and Durres. Fier is 120 km from Tirana, the capital of Albania, from which there are two possible ways of arriving at Fier: via Durres (on the Route) or via Elbasan (again following the Route to Ohrid). Fier has bus and rail terminals and uses Tirana international airport. It is also 30 km from the port/marina of Vlora. Tourist information is available on the archeological site (ticket booth) but also in some places in the city (shopping center, rent-a-car office, bus terminal). Guided tours are offered three times a day in English or Italian, but a tourist can also use brochures or a mobile application when visiting the site. There is a souvenir shop at the site open during the same hours as the guided tours.

Hotel, hostel and other types of accommodation and restaurants (camping) are offered in Fier, but also in nearby coastal places on the Adriatic Sea (Vlora, Narta lagoon and beach).

Nearby, there are several local wineries, and the area itself is popular for picnics. The city of Fier has a few exhibiting spaces (museum, galleries); the main tourism attractions are: ethno houses (nearby villages), the National Park of Divjaka, and a zoo. During the summer, different festivals and other cultural events occur in this area. Fier is close to sea (10 km) with all the usual coastal tourist activities. Plenty of rental services are offered.

Tourist info


Email: parku.apollonia@yahoo.fr

Address: Pojan

Tel. +355 (0) 69 207 0500

How to reach Fier

Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza (http://www.tirana-airport.com/); Vlora International Airport (under construction)

Terminali Autobusave Fier, Rruga Shenjt Leonardo Murialdo 7/A (+355 69 380 0882)

The SH4 is a state road that takes you from Durres to Fier. SH8 is also a state road that will take you from Fier to Vlore.