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  Risinium, Kotor, Montenegro

Locality: Kotor

Roman Historical Site: Risinium

Relevance to the Roman Emperors Route: 2nd century A.D

The Roman conquest of Illyricum not only led to the foundation of military bases and cities, but also opened the new territory to rural settlement by Italian immigrants or retired legionary soldiers.  This takes the form of farm establishments like Mogorjelo or luxurious seaside retreats (ville maritime) like the Risan villa.  The Risan maritime villa, located near the shore of the scenic Bay of Kotor, preserves multiple examples of standard Roman taste in floor decoration, geometric-design mosaic pavements and a rare representation of the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos.  The reclining god is placed appropriately in the center of one of the villa’s bedrooms.

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About destination

Risan is easily accessible via Cavtat (ancient Epidaurus), Croatia, from the entrance to the new extension of the Route in the Illyricum area at Narona/Vid. The area is well connected by air (airport Tivat), sea (ports Risan, Herceg Novi, Kotor), international and national highways, a bus station (Kotor). Hiking/cycling trails are in the process of development. Information for visitors is provided at the info-center in Kotor and info-desk at the archeological site. The site is well equipped for tourists with special needs (those with reduced mobility, elderly). It is especially interesting to tour the area by open bus from Kotor (Kotor open tour).


Kotor is an important administrative center, but is also a well-known tourism destination, containing one of the most beautiful coasts in the country. Main tourism attractions in this area are the Old Town, the islands of Our Lady of the Rocks and of St. George and the Lovćen National Park. Plenty of rental services are offered.


Risan is located in a tourist area on the sea coast and is surrounded by different kinds of tourism offer: beaches, water sports, a marina, hotels and restaurants. Plenty of different accommodation facilities are available: hotels, apartments, camp areas, hostels. In season, there are different festivals, music and other (gastronomic) events. Six permanent exhibition spaces are active in this area. In Kotor, there is also an old winery for the wine route followers.


A souvenir shop at the archaeological site offers a variety of Roman thematic souvenirs. Also, there are many souvenir shops in the town of Kotor.

Tourist info


Email: promo@tokotor.me

Address: Stari grad 315, Kotor, 85330

Tel. + 382 32 325 947

How to reach Kotor

Airport Podgorica (TGD) and Airport Tivat (TIV) http://www.montenegroairports.com/eng/

Bus station: +382 32/325-809; http://www.autobuskastanicakotor.me/

The nearest seaports: Ports of Bar, Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Risan. https://www.visit-montenegro.com/transport/transportation-ports-marinas/

Roads (international): With Serbia (Ranče, Čemerno, Dobrakovo, Kula, Draženovac, Vuče); With Albania (Božaj, Sukobin, Grnčar), With B&H (Sitnica, Ilino brdo,  Vraćenovići, Krstac, Nudo, Šćepan Polje, Metaljka, Šula); With Croatia (Debeli brijeg, Kobila)