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Locality: Podgorica

Roman Historical Site: Doclea

Relevance to the Roman Emperors Route: 1st to 4th centuries A.D.

Doclea is one of the best examples of a native Illyrian tribal center that was incorporated into the Roman Empire with an imperial grant of municipal status.  The town has the well preserved remains of a law court basilica, bath structures and a Roman forum with associated temples. These include a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Dea Roma, a new cult brought by the Romans, and another devoted to the rural hunting goddess Diana, popular among the indigenous Illyrians. Doclea is one of the best and most complete examples of a native settlement urbanized in the Roman manner.

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About destination

Podgorica is on the way from Risan and Kotor to Albania. It is situated at a distance of 12 km from the Podgorica Airport, 81 km from the Tivat Airport and 153 km from the Čilipi Airport in Dubrovnik (Croatia). The site has also good connectivity by rail and a secondary road off the main highway. The distance from the Adriatic Sea is about 60 km and just 19 km from Lake Skadar. The archaeological site is only 4km from the downtown Podgorica, so that one can walk or cycle there easily.


Podgorica has tourist info points at each traffic terminal (bus, rail, airport) which support travelers who seek information. An info point does not exist on the archeological site, but there is a plan to transform an abandoned school building near the site into a modern visitors center. Until then, tourists can get information about the site (as well as requesting guided tours) from an institution called Museums and Galleries of Podgorica, in different languages. The local staff is well motivated and ready to cooperate. The Doclea archeological site is already included in some planning projects (focused on improving infrastructure, developing interactive applications for tourists).


For those interested in archeology, an international school of archeology is held at the site in the summer months.


Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro, hence offering a variety of decent accommodation and catering. The capital also offers various administrative services and services of diplomatic and consular missions. It is also near the main wine area which offers the services of three wineries opened to receive tourists – The Vineyard „Plantaže 13. jul“ is one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe. Furthermore, one can find some new, but high quality wineries (e.g. Arhonto, Radević, Zenta and Mola), offering wine tasting tours for visitors. Even though the tourism organization of the city still does not have official souvenir shop, a lot of handmade souvenirs and crafts can be found in local shops. Mostly in the summer months, different kinds of festivals are organized in Podgorica (days of traditional cooking, wine cellar days, cultural events).

Tourist info


Email: info@podgorica.travel

Address: Ulica Slobode 47, 80000 Podgorica

Tel. + 382 20 667 536

How to reach Podgorica

Podgorica Airport (81 km); Tivat Airport (153 km); Cilipi (Dubrovnik) Airport (153 km)

Regional connections in Doclea (http://www.antickadukljacg.com/posjetite-nas)

The proximity of European centers of the north and the south of Montenegro make it easily accessible. Distance from the Adriatic Sea is 60 km of the ground line and just 19 km far from Lake Skadar. Distance from other cities in Montenegro: Podgorica – Budva 65km; Podgorica – Cetinje 30km; Podgorica – Bar 60km (tunel Sozina); Podgorica – Ulcinj 95km; Podgorica – Kotor 90km; Podgorica – Herceg Novi 125km