COUNTRY: bosnia and herzegovina

The city on four rivers - Čapljina will charm every visitor with its delicious local food and wine, and impressive natural and cultural attractions. Besides the magnificent villa rustica Mogorjelo, where wine and olive oil were produced during the Late Roman Empire, this destination is also famous for the medieval stone town of Počitelj and the gorgeous Hutovo Blato Nature Park.

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In the south-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the rivers Trebižat, Bregava and Krupa flow into the river Neretva, lies the “city of water and sun, stone and flowers” – Čapljina, a proud member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities.

Visitors to Čapljina can enjoy individual or guided walking tours exploring the town’s attractions, such as the Municipality building on King Tomislav Square or the ruins of the ancient Roman villa rustica, one of the most significant Roman monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Don’t miss a chance to visit the small town of Počitelj, situated just 3 km to the north of Čapljina. There you will be impressed by the Ottoman medieval defense fortresses that dominate the high cliffs above the Neretva River. Close to Čapljina you can visit the Hutovo Blato Nature Park, a wetland of international importance, protected under the Ramsar Convention. 

For wine lovers and gastronomes, Čapljina offers great food and delicious local wines made from two indigenous grape varieties – the white “Žilavka”, and its red cousin “Blatina”.

Where to sleep and eat

Hotel Storia

With its excellent location in Čapljina, this 3-star hotel offers a pleasant place for relaxation and fun. Hotel Storia has a capacity of 51 beds, with single, double and triple rooms and comfortable apartments, all with the necessary equipment. The hotel is suitable for families, business people, young people and all those who love nature and adventure. Local specialties are served in the hotel restaurant, where in the morning you may also enjoy a traditional breakfast. In addition to the restaurant, the hotel also has a conference room for meetings and events.

Restaurant Villa Rustica

If you are a true gourmet and you want to try interesting and exciting flavors and dishes, you will enjoy the Villa Rustica in Čapljina. In this family restaurant, you can try exotic dishes such as spit roasted eel, frog and eel broth, and grilled and fried frogs. The restaurant is known for its delicious fish – carp and trout, all of which are accompanied by the excellent wines that are served here. The restaurant staff is also well known for its hospitality and love of horses. The Vranac Čapljina equestrian club offers organized horseback trips to the Neretva River.

Matić Winery

Matić Winery has been diligently engaged in wine production for 150 years and continues the tradition of good winemakers with an annual production of 35,000 bottles. An area of 6 hectares and 30,000 planted vines are warmed by the sun and with its mostly rocky terrain gives excellent wines. Superior quality autochthonous grape varieties are used to produce delicious wines, including žilavka, blatina, trnjak, žilavka barrique, blatina barrique and rose. Tourists can enjoy a wine tasting paired with food in the winery itself, together with a walk through the beautiful vineyards. The owner of the winery is a musician by education, thus the names of the wines are associated with music, such as Soprano, Al Fine or Con Animo, and are all worth “listening to”.


Closest airports: Čilipi (136 km), Podgorica (198 km), Tivat (162 km)

Čapljina lies on the main road M17 Sarajevo – Čapljina – Opuzen.
Regional roads:  Čapljina – Ljubuški – Imotski and Capljina – Stolac – Trebinje. Distance from other cities: Mostar: 35 km, Sarajevo: 160 km, Metković: 12 km, Stolac: 24 km, Ljubuški: 27 km, Međugorje – Čitluk: 14 km, Ravno: 75 km, Dubrovnik: 126 km, Split: 150 km


Tel: +387 36 806 123

Address: Mate Bobana bb, 88300 Čapljina