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Locality: Čapljina

Roman Historical Site: Mogorjelo

Relevance to the Roman Emperors Route: 4th century A.D.

This is a good example of an agricultural center in the Roman countryside during the late Empire, a fortified Roman farm villa (villa rustica) with close design associations with Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Barbarian break throughs on the Danube frontier brought troubled times and insecurity to Illyricum in the 4th century which are reflected in the military camp layout of the Mogorjelo villa. It was protected by strong fortification walls with wall and corner towers. Produce from the fields around Mogorjelo, which included wine and olive oil, supplied the nearby Roman city at Narona (Vid).

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About destination

Čapljina is the first, entry point on the way from Narona (existing Roman Emperors Route in the village Vid, near Metković, Croatia), to the new extension of the Route in the Illyricum region. Metković is only 19 minutes distant from Čapljina (13.5 km) and it is the natural way to connect the old and new RER&DWR itineraries, starting in new country, B&H. Čapljina (known as “city on four rivers”) has good connectivity, where basic access is by road: a superhighway from Split, a solid arterial highway from Mostar and Dubrovnik. A high point of tourism in the area is the cycling trail “Ćira” (152 km long), which attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals at the site. Čapljina has a rail station and uses the services of Mostar international airport (which is 35 minutes or 33.7 km away) and an international port Ploče (Croatia), 45 minutes (37.2 km) away.


The accommodation offers in Čapljina itself is based on a number of hotels, apartment houses and villas, keeping in mind that well developed tourism activities on the sea coast support all kinds of accommodation in a wider area. The same thing is true with a rich offer of restaurants, one of which (Villa Rustica) is on the archeological site itself and has been receiving and serving tourists for many years. A large parking lot is located in front of the restaurant at the site. A souvenir shop also exists at the site (selling handmade souvenirs).


Besides nearby seaside activities, the tourist attractions of Čapljina include horseback riding, canoeing and cycling, as well as visiting the Nature Park Hutovo Blato, the Desilo underwater site, and medieval fortresses.  Some concerts have been organized at the site, and a gallery opened in the municipality. Moreover, a rich cultural and entertainment offer is also available in other tourist places in the vicinity (Mostar, seaside locations). Renting of bicycles and cars is available.


Čapljina is close to the main wine region of Herzegovina, offering among others, wines of two indigenous varieties of grapes (Žilavka – white wine and Blatina – red wine). A number of high quality vinyards receive visitors either for wine tasting or for a complete gastronomic experience.

Tourist info


Email: tur.org.capljina@tel.net.ba

Address: Mate Bobana bb, 88300 Čapljina

Tel. +387 36 806 123

How to reach Čapljina

Closest airports: Čilipi (136 km), Podgorica (198 km), Tivat (162 km)

Čapljina lies on the main road M17 Sarajevo – Čapljina – Opuzen.
Regional roads:  Čapljina – Ljubuški – Imotski and Capljina – Stolac – Trebinje. Distance from other cities: Mostar: 35 km, Sarajevo: 160 km, Metković: 12 km, Stolac: 24 km, Ljubuški: 27 km, Međugorje – Čitluk: 14 km, Ravno: 75 km, Dubrovnik: 126 km, Split: 150 km